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Comment of the Center for Social and Labor Rights on their inclusion in the List of organizations operating as Foreign Agents

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March 22, 2016 from the press service of the Russian Ministry of Justice, we have learned that the Center for Social and Labor Rights has been placed in the register of organizations that perform functions of a foreign agent. Later we received in the mail a report of the scheduled inspection of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Justice of Russia in Moscow; We are not aware of the decision of the Ministry of Justice for the inclusion in the register.

Our "political activities" are said to be:

- Round table on "The elimination of full-day group for children aged up to three years in kindergarten." The round table, held in February 2014, was organized by the (official) Public Chamber in Russia due to the fact that many parents were concerned about the impossibility of placing children in nurseries. Our Centre participated in the round table as an expert organization and one of the co-organizers, together with the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on social policy, labor relations, and quality of life of citizens, the Standing Committee of Social Rights of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights.

- Implementation of the strategic session "Protection of labor rights: the difficulties and the necessary decisions" at the IV-th Russian Social Forum. The organizers of the forum were the Russian State Duma, the Russian government, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Fund of regional social programs "Our Future", the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, ANO "Center of Information Strategies "State Corporation" Vnesheconombank ". The organizers appealed to our Centre to organize and conduct the session on labor rights and our Centre responded to the proposal.

- Publication of the book "International labor standards and Russian labor legislation", co-written by Doctor of Law Liutov NL and Ph.D. Gerasimova ES The monograph is a scientific publication, it addressed issues of conformity of Russian labor legislation with international law, the obligation to perform which the Russian Federation has, as well as the provisions of the legislation have been observed in a number of areas that need to be adjusted in order to bring them into line with international labor standards.

The Report states that political activity includes work to maintain the site "All the labor rights» http://trudprava.ru, and the project "Promotion and protection of labor rights," under which "workers and trade unions to provide legal assistance in the application of existing mechanisms the protection of social and labor rights, as well as to inform the population at large about these arrangements by posting materials on the site (a quote from the act).

In our opinion, the evaluation given in the report does not correspond to the nature and content of our activity. We have always worked for the benefit of the development of labor relations, carrying out activities in the statutory purposes (that is stated in the inspection report) . For many years the Center for Social and Labor Rights engaged in expert work, education, consulting and advocacy in the field of labor relations. We participated in the judicial protection of the violated rights of Russian citizens and the Russian trade unions. We are sure that every aspect of our work is directed to the benefit of Russian citizens and society as a whole.

We certainly do not believe that our work can be described as political activity. According to the Law "On Noncommercial Organizations" political activity "is not applicable (in particular) activities in the field of science, ... social support and protection of citizens, protection of motherhood and childhood" par.3 Part 6 of Article 2 of the direct guidance of the Federal Law. And it is precisely those areas of work that have been listed in the Report However, the Federal Law "On Noncommercial Organizations", which provides the base of inclusion on the Register, is formulated and interpreted at the moment in a way that allows any activity of any non-profit organization may be called political.

We intend to challenge the decision of the Ministry of Justice and to seek exception from the registry for us. Regardless of this, we intend to continue to work in line with the mission and goals of our organization.

Regardless of the status of our activities and funding sources it was, is and will be devoted solely to the protection of social and labor rights of Russian citizens.

Center for Social and Labor Rights.

In Russain: Комментарий Центра социально-трудовых прав в связи с внесением в реестр организаций, выполняющих функции иностранного агента



According to Article 2 of Part 6 of the Federal Law "On Noncommercial Organizations" under the non-profit organization that performs the functions of a foreign agent, is understood the Russian non-profit organization that receives money and other property from foreign states and their public authorities, international and foreign organizations, foreign citizens, stateless persons, or persons authorized by them and (or) of Russian legal entities, receiving cash and other assets of these sources (except for open joint-stock companies with state participation and their subsidiaries) (hereinafter - foreign sources), and which is involved, including in the interests of foreign sources in the political activities carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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